1950s Mid Red Desk Lamp By Helo Leuchten

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40 cms. High x 0 cms. Wide x 15.5 cms. Deep

£ 180.00


Made in Germany, this mid-century desk lamp was designed and manufactured by Helo Leuchten starting in the 1950s. The mid red shade has a slot design and an adjustable brass arm with original switch. The lamp has been rewired and in a good condition for its age. Helo was founded in the 1930s by Henry Gerhard Senior as Elektrogeschäft Helo in the city of Breslau, at that time a German city. Today a Polish city named Wroclaw. The three shops were destroyed in a night of bombing. The Helo Leuchten company was registered after World War 2 in 1946 in Neuburg (Neuburg an der Donau). Helo is derived from Henry and his son Lothar.

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